The Power of Texture and Pattern

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Unexpected Accents:
the tiniest details with the biggest impact

Details make the design. From adding the perfect necklace to your cocktail dress to selecting the best accent pieces for your home, it's the smallest details that have the biggest impact.

Know what this means? Creating a new look in your home is as easy as adding one more element that really brings that "wow" factor. Stay tuned, because we are going to show you how it's done...


Unexpected Color + Texture

From the textured brick walls to the splashes of wood grain, this space creates a dramatic aura with a modern edge. Hints of rose gold in the pendant light and texture in the wood furniture break up the otherwise monotone palette, taking this cozy family room from boring to delightful.

Takeaway: Add one new color and/or texture to your existing space.


Colored Trim

Colored trim can be gaudy or tasteful, depending on the color and tone. This family room uses simple tufted couches with unique accents that make this neutral room nothing short of amazing. The delicate light fixture overhead coordinates with the mirror, creating a warm, balanced, space.  

Takeaway: If you crave the calmness of a monochromatic palette, make up for the lack of variety with texture.


Monochromatic Marvels

This kitchen's neutral palette allows its details to be truly noticed and appreciated. The textured kitchen chairs, the simple shaker cabinets, simple tile pattern on the backsplash, and neutral wood floor make this kitchen anything but boring.

Takeaway: Use functional items as centerpieces instead of adding additional items to your space.


design highlights

pattern vs. texture

Texture is becoming just as important as pattern in home designs, which means special care needs to be given when selecting fabrics and linens for your home.


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"It is our goal to take away the fear and often overwhelming feeling of trying to create a room that reflects a client's style and their family's needs.  Designing a space can be a challenge.  Just like a good teacher can make a complex subject easier to understand a designer who takes the time to listen to her clients can remove the overwhelming feeling of creating a space and work with her client create the space they are longing to have.  The ability to truly listen to a client allows us to create a space that is not only beautiful but is unique to our clients and is a space to which our clients feel represents their style and the needs of their family.  If we haven't done that, we haven't done our job."

Christy Lynch O'Hara
Founder of Simply O Interiors 

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